Zach & Ali’s Engagement

Our friends Zach and Ali got engaged on Saturday!!Zach staged an adorable proposal near their old apartment in Stuy Town and I stealthily blended in with residents on the benches nearby to photograph the moment. After Zach popped the question, Ali spotted me (and Will …. who was videotaping) which led to some beautiful celebratory pictures.  Congratulations, Zach and Ali! We love you!


Self Timer Proposal 

img_7011Giorgio is a fearless, lion-like creature who never backs down from a challenge and loves a good snow storm. Felipe is a tiny gentlemen with a bowtie who begins shivering in September doesn’t stop until May. This makes for some difficult winter walking routines in our household – Giorgio is a bundle of energy who might turn into a complete terror if he doesn’t get enough exercise… and Felipe would prefer to stay in bed with a heated blanket. It was for these reasons (or so I was told) Will suggested we take Giorgio on a hike in December.  Continue reading

Can You Trust Your Dog Walker?

Almost exactly two years ago, before I called Hoboken home, I attended Bark in the Park (Liberty Humane Society’s fabulous fall event) as a vendor. The table next to me was a lovely British woman advertising her local dog-walking business. Throughout the day, I chatted with her and her husband and pet their beloved black lab who lounged next to their booth. She was great with my little fear-aggressive dog, Giorgio, and I took her card thinking that I might move to Hoboken eventually and would like to use her services.
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